About Us

Endopure is an emerging CBD brand focused on supply chain transparency and quality, whilst complying with the relevant Food & Cosmetic regulations. Our brand delivers on high quality CBD products, underpinned by leading technology that provides a much needed level of transparency for our customers and the CBD industry.

In 2019 our teams worked extensively to develop the UK’s first compliant range of CBD infused skin & personal care products. In 2020 we went on to receive written permission to place our CBD Food Supplements onto the UK market. Now our Co-ordinated Partnership with UK Trading Standards offers all our customers  the quality and compliance you need amidst an ever changing marketplace.

Safety First

We don’t mess around or cut corners when it comes to consumer safety. We invest heavily in internal quality resources and systems that monitor safety and compliance within our entire supply chain, flagging any quality or safety issues before they have a chance to occur.

We further ensure that all of our products undergo extensive independent analysis from one of the World’s leading food safety authorities and one of few UK accredited testing laboratories. Our Food Supplements are screened for controlled drugs THC, THCa, THCv & CBN with highly sensitive instruments that can detect within 0.00025% or more than 2.5mg per kilogram.

Whilst our Hemp crops are certified organic, we provide extra assurance and screen for various pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals & other known contaminants inherent with Hemp cultivation, especially in some popular growing regions throughout the world.


Our digital control system establishes provenance, whilst integrating regulatory and company policy throughout our entire supply chain, from ‘crop to shop’.

CHOtrak’s front end gives confidence to our customers and authorities by exporting batch quality and traceability information, accessible online or by simply scanning the QR code located on any Endopure product.

Scanning with your Smartphone camera will quickly display:

Detailed Product Information
Certificate of Organic EU origin
Certificate of Analysis
Product Safety Reports